The Best Christmas Begins Here


The Best Christmas Begins Here 

Christmas Tree Season Begins November 20th!

We welcome you to enjoy an old fashioned Christmas with all of its wonderful traditions. You and your family will experience a crisp winter's outing in the country as you stroll through the farm and choose just the right tree. Head out to our beautiful farm and let us help you create life long Christmas memories. 

The Christmas season is so much more than trees at Stokoe Farms. Your whole family will cherish the moments spent on our wagon rides, meeting our farm animals, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by our bon fire and so much more. Stop by the 'Old Barn Grill' for lunch or a snack, and then check out our gift shop for unique presents. Our made on the farm wreaths and arrangements make the perfect hostess gift! Don't forget to bring home our famous apple cider donuts and creamy fudge made with real butter. 

Choosing a REAL Christmas Tree is the best choice. Real Christmas Trees provide life giving oxygen and clean our environment of carbon dioxide, and are a farmed product. Tree farms employ your neighbors and contribute to local economies. "It's Christmas...Keep it REAL."

About Our Trees


Fraser Fir - soft needles with great retention and stiff branches 
Douglas Fir - full shaped, fragrant and good needle retention 
Concolor Fir - popular for its citrus scent 
Blue Spruce - stiff branches with a beautiful blue hue


We offer a variety of price points that work with anyone's budget. 

U-Cut - $57, any size or variety 
Pre-Cut - from $30 Clearance 
U-Cut - from $21 *pre-tagged only, limited selection 
Table Top & Charlie Browns - from $10 

Wreaths & arrangements priced individually.  

Tree Services 

To ensure you have a great REAL Christmas Tree experience, we offer the following FREE services: Shaking - to get any dead needles off the tree. 
Baling - we bale your tree so it is easier to transport and get into your house. 
Drilling - we drill your tree for our easy stand straight pin type tree stands.

Gift Shop & Food 

Stop into the gift shop where you will find unique gifts for even the most hard to please family member. Warm up in our Old Barn Grill with a hot apple cider and grab some lunch. From hot dogs and hamburgers to creamy mac 'n cheese, we have something for the whole family. Don’t forget to take home some sweet treats like our ‘Farm Fresh Fudge’, famous Apple Cider Donuts and Fresh Popped Kettle Corn.    

Wreaths and Greens 

Each year our wreath artisans handcraft our fresh greens into the traditional and not so traditional shapes to adorn your home during the holidays. We work all week during the season to ensure you have gorgeous fresh wreaths. From plain to lots of adornments, and from small to barn sized, we have the perfect wreath for your home. Wreaths and arrangements make wonderful hostess gifts for those hard to please people.  

Tree Care 

Your freshly cut REAL Christmas tree will last long past the Christmas season if you proper care of it. Choose a freshly cut tree from your local tree farm. Make sure you get it in water within 2 hours. 
Water, Water, Water, never let your tree stand bowl dry out. Check water daily. 
Keep away from a heat source.