"Stokoe Farms is my FUN job! The work is active and enjoyable, and the staff and owners treat everyone like they are family. It is truly the best place I have ever worked for!" - Andrew Carpino, team member since 2012


Want to work at the farm?

The Best Jobs Begin at Stokoe Farms 

Stokoe Farms provides fun on-the-job training for all positions, a place to use your special talents…a place to hold your first job… a place to earn extra holiday money. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service!  
Farm Qualifications

  • Willingness to exceed customers' expectations 
  •  Commitment to work during our short season 
  •  Commitment to work with fellow staff members

Our Mission Statement

Stokoe Farms promises to provide a safe and clean facility for our staff and guests.  We promise to respect our guests' hard-earned dollar.  We promise to provide service with a smile.  We promise to help create lasting family memories.  We promise to help make this your best job ever.  Because "The Best Jobs Begin at Stokoe Farms."

We offer schedules to meet the needs of: 

  • Parents who want to work during the time their children are at school 
  •  High school or college students 
  •  Retirees or other adults looking to supplement their incomes 
  •  Weekend employment for employed adults

Our Goals:   

  • To ensure each customer has an enjoyable and memorable experience 
  •  To provide the highest quality of product and services 
  •  To maintain a clean and safe environment   

Job Season:  

Jobs are available mid-September through October, and Thanksgiving through Christmas. You must be at least 16 years old to apply. Please DO NOT apply unless you can work every weekend day, plus October 7th & 10th from September 17th until October 23rd, our closing day of Harvest Fest.

Job Expectations:   

  • Friendly—ability to talk to customers, smile and have a positive outgoing attitude 
  •  Energetic—enjoy doing your job, work hard and have a lot of energy 
  •  Initiative—perform necessary tasks on your own rather than wait to be told 
  •  Neatness– of appearance and work area 
  •  Follow Directions– do as instructed and work diligently 
  •  Punctuality—on time and reliable 
  •  Honesty 
  •  Follow the employee handbook and obey dress codes

First Job

Parents, Stokoe Farms may be your child’s first job. Let’s teach them good job skill habits. Please don’t contact the farm on behalf of your child. Have them call us or send an email with questions. We promise it goes a long way with us, even if they stumble over a few words!

I just love the people and the family friendly atmosphere. ~Cheryl Archibald, employee since 2016

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