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Real Trees!

By choosing a REAL Christmas tree at Stokoe Farms, you are ensuring that your tree is as fresh as possible. Real Christmas Trees will last the whole season when by following these few simple tricks. Make sure your tree has a fresh cut – we will give you a fresh cut on your tree from the field or our barn. Make sure you get your tree in water as soon as you get home, even if your tree is going to be in your garage for a few days, put the trunk in a bucket of water within 90 minutes of leaving the farm. If you wait longer, you will need to take a small slice off the bottom. You should only take no more than ¼ inch off the bottom, especially if you have the tree drilled for our stand straight pin stands.


Watering your tree – WATER, WATER, WATER! Never let your tree dry out, the water should be checked daily and filled. Our pin stands have large buckets to help hold plenty of water. Our gift shop also offers tree watering funnels for easy watering at home.

Keep Away 

Keep Away from Heat Sources – your tree should be put up away from any heat source. This will ensure the best needle retention through the whole Christmas and New Year seasons.


Preservatives Not Necessary – studies conducted by the National Christmas Tree Association have not proved that adding preservatives to your tree water will extend the life or freshness of your REAL Christmas Tree. You have cut your real Christmas Tree fresh from the field, it will last past the new year if well cared for. Don't forget to WATER, WATER, WATER!  Check your trees water levels daily.


Don’t forget to recycle your tree! Your Real Christmas Tree can be recycled in many ways. You can leave in your back yard as an animal habitat during the cold weather, or burned for a campfire on a cool spring night. Many local municipalities will pick up your tree and shred for mulch. Real Christmas Trees are often used for erosion control on beaches and river banks, or sunk into lakes for erosion control. Check with your local town for pick-up or drop off dates. Don’t forget that your tree is the environmentally responsible choice, as they are easily recycled and provide live giving oxygen when growing in our fields.