Dinosaur Capture & Dinosaurs Live

How to Assemble

Escaped Dinosaurs

A group of dinosaurs have escaped their handlers from the hills of North Carolina.  Their GPS collars have tracked them to the Rochester, New York area, where they are currently roaming the woods at Stokoe Farms.  We need your family's help to capture them!

Dinosaur Capture

We need your help! The escaped dino's are roaming behind our deer fence, and we need to capture them. Listen carefully for the footsteps and low growls. Your family will have a terrific time at this exclusive 4-day only event. Start your adventure with a drive-thru Dino Capture. Your car is your theatre, as you drive through our Christmas Tree fields, into the gates to our back woods to help track the eight loose dinosaurs with your Nerf Blasters and Nerf Darts.* This one mile adventure will have the kiddos howling with delight as they help bring the escaped animals back to their handlers. Once you have succeeded on your quest, head back to the barn for Ed's 'Dinosaur Live!' show and exploration area.  Families should plan on 2+ hours of adventure! 

Tickets are per person and include  both 'Dinosaur Capture & Dinosaurs Live!', and some farm activities (see below.)  Children two and under are free and do not need a ticket.  Bring your own Nerf style blasters and darts, or purchase at farm.  Guests can drive the 'Dinosaur Capture' multiple times. Nerf Blasters and Nerf Darts available for sale. Blasters start at $10, and darts are $5 for 50.

Dinosaurs Live!

Dr. Ed and his team of paleontologists want to thank you for your help in capturing the dinosaurs!  After the drive-thru, guests will park and head over to Dinosaurs Live!  Located in and around our Fun Barn, families get the opportunity to learn about all things dino.  Get up close and personal with life sized dinosaurs (even REAL ones!)  The LIVE 30 minute interactive shows will run every two hours (1, 3, 5 & 7 pm) along with fun learning stations and you can even ride a dinosaur.*  'Dinosaurs Live!' will include access to Stokoe Farms Bounce Pillows, Strawfort and Slide and the Hillbilly Hen Chicken Show.  

*Some additional charges may apply. Event is rain or shine.

Food & Drink

A day at Stokoe Farms wouldn't be complete without grabbing some of our farm favorite snacks.  Come hungry and grab a meal from the food truck, and cool off on a warm summers day with an ice cold fresh squeezed lemonade.  Made-on-the-farm donuts, kettle corn and more.  Be sure to stop by the gift shop for hard to find items, and of course all things dinosaur!