Homestead Series How to Pickle Everything

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Preserving the Blessing of an Abundant Harvest

August 10th 9 am to 11 am

Pickling is one of the oldest and safest way to preserve your food, and can be traced back to 2400 BC in Mesopotamia.  Today modern families pickle their food for the delicious taste and most commonly for a crunchy texture.  Pickled foods do not require refrigeration or a freezer, can preserve almost any vegetable that is over abundant in your garden,  safely last several years, can help families in the pinch of power outages, or be ready when there are low summer harvests. 

Pickling at the height of harvest is cheaper and has more nutrients than veggies shipped to your grocery store that have been sitting in cold storage.  Pickles don't have to be boring or made with one vegetable.  Salsas and chutneys are perfect for your holiday parties, and can be perfectly preserved at peak deliciousness.

The class will begin with instruction, and allow attendees to choose what items they would like to pickle from our harvest table, allowing you to customize to your taste!

This class is intended for ages 12 and us. 
Class Includes:
-1 jar of pickles that you make and water bath to go home
-Recipe and instruction sheets to take home
-A cold glass of refreshing lemonade and small snack

So head out to the farm, and join us for our Homestead Series of Classes!