Dino ROAR! - A Dinosaur Adventure @ Stokoe Farms

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The adventure of a lifetime returns to Stokoe Farms! 

Dino ROAR is bigger and better!

Once again dinosaurs have escaped their handlers and have been tracked to the Christmas Tree fields and woods at Stokoe Farms. This multi-part adventure is FUN for the whole family. 

  • Your day begins with Dinosaur Capture, a drive-thru of our tree fields and woods as you search and help capture the escaped dinos with your Nerf-type blasters.  Your radio might even capture the roars and footsteps of the escaped paleo creatures.

  • Be rewarded for all your hard work and enjoy a 30-minute LIVE show with Dr. Ed!  Ed's Dinosaurs LIVE!  will entertain kiddos and adults alike culminating with a live birth of a baby T-Rex.

  • Dino ROAR Corn Maze.  We suspect dinosaurs may be hidden in the corn maze.  Explore the three-acre maze and maze game and learn about all things dinosaurs.

  • Activities!  No trip to Stokoe Farms would be complete without our most popular activities, such as; Bounce Pillows, Low Ropes Course, Straw Fort and Slides, Cargo Climb, Nature Trail, NEW Tee Pee Climb, Games, and more!

It's the event of the summer, so mark your calendar and get tickets now!

The details:

  1. Tickets are Per Person

  2. Children Two and Under and Adults 85 and Older are FREE

  3. Choose your time slot for the Drive-Thru portion of the adventure only.  Guests may enjoy farms from open until close.

  4. Guests may enjoy the drive-thru portion of the adventure more than once.

  5. All Sales are Final

  6. No Dogs Allowed

  7. Event is rain or shine