Stokoe Farms - 200 Years of Farming Heritage
Employment Opportunities
Stokoe Farms provides fun on-the-job training for all positions, a place to use your special talents…a place to hold your first job or a place to earn extra holiday money. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service!

The qualifications you need are:

  • Willingness to exceed customer's expectations
  • Commitment to work during our short season!

We offer schedules to meet the needs of:

  • Moms who want to work during the time their children are at school
  • High School and College Students
  • Retirees or other adults looking to supplement their incomes
Our Mission Statement:
To share with others our farming heritage while providing a friendly farm atmosphere where families create a memorable experience.
Our Goals:
  1. To ensure each customer has an enjoyable and memorable experience
  2. To provide the highest quality of products and services
  3. To maintain a clean and safe environment
Job Expectations:
  1. Friendly - ability to talk to customers, smile and have a positive out going attitude
  2. Energetic - enjoy doing your job, work hard and have a lot of energy
  3. Initiative - perform necessary tasks on your own rather than wait to be told
  4. Neatness – appearance and work area
  5. Follow directions - do as instructed and work diligently
  6. Punctuality - on time and reliable
  7. Honesty
  8. Follow the employee handbook & obey dress codes
Job Season:
Jobs are available mid-September - October and Thanksgiving - Christmas.
You must be at least 15 years old to apply.


Please print and fill out this Employment Application, then return it to:

Stokoe Farms, 656 South Road, Scottsville, NY 14546 or fax to 585-889-7948.

For more information, please call Suzanne Stokoe at 585-889-0770

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