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Stokoe Farms

656 South Road, Scottsville, NY, 14546
Phone: (585) 889-0770

Fax:    (585) 889-7948

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Farm Crops Operation

Selden Stokoe & Sons

711 Bowerman Road, Scottsville, NY, 14546

(585) 889-7230 office


Greg Stokoe

(585) 889-7230 office
(585) 746-5925 cell

Kim Snyder

(585) 330-5381 cell

Dick Stokoe

(585) 746-5907 cell

Heifers Operation

Selden Stokoe & Sons

5328 E Avon Rd

Avon, NY 14414-1403


Scott Stokoe

(585) 330-3050 cell
(585) 226-3849 home
(585) 226-3849 fax


Kim Snyder

(585) 330-5381

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